Assist Cleaning and Janitorial Service is owned by Luis Palma, a cleaning specialist with over ten years of experience in the cleaning industry. Luis realized to utilize his knowledge by owning a cleaning company that offers premium services for everyone searching for safe, clean, trustworthy, and low-cost cleaning services in Atlanta for all kinds of cleaning problems.

Founded in 2014, Assist Cleaning and Janitorial Service is a completely insured, licensed, and professional cleaning¬†company that aims to serve commercial buildings and domestic areas, including commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Air BnB Cleaning, Weekly/biweekly cleaning,and much more. We offer cost-effective solutions concocted to satisfy your cleaning requirements throughout the process. At Assist Cleaning and Janitorial Service, we adhere to our core principle, i.e., to serve our clients while maintaining their respective agencies’ decorum and deliver a cleaner and healthier environment around the customers.

Your only cleaning solution is reliable and cost-effective!


At Assist Cleaning and Janitorial Services, our cleaning teams are trained to utilize the latest equipment with simple yet modern cleaning techniques that ensure the best possible Cleaning of your surroundings. Our reputable cleaners and workers follow the cleaning steps that include,

  • EVALUATE: To analyze the potential problems first.
  • OWN: To own that analyzed issues by deciding to perform any action for solving that problem.
  • RESOLVE: To solve any cleaning issue by moving forward to decide the course of action performed to solve the problem or involves supervision.
  • FIX: To fix any cleaning issue by applying related knowledge, techniques, and tactics that result in a clean, safe and healthy environment.


We believe that the core difference between Assist Cleaning and Janitorial Services can quickly sumup in just one word: ACCOUNTABILITY! And this is the thing that sets us apart from others. A big Thanks to our working process and our reliable cleaners; when you opt for us as your cleaning partner, there is no need to spend long hours and lots of money on managing your facility services. As everyone knows, time is money, so we give you more time to focus on your business and leave the rest to us. That is why we are the best choice as your cleaning partner.